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Digitized copy of a D.Min major project by Ruth E. Shaver. 229 pages.

Digitized copy of a dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Lancaster Theological Seminary in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Ministry. This project compares the adult-based
youth ministry paradigm with the youth-based youth ministry…

A thesis submitted to the Department of History in the Theological Seminary of the Evangelical and Reformed Church in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Divinity.

Meeting leadership needs of the United Church of Christ, which includes finding the best ways to prepare new leaders for authorization, has been a lively conversation in the denomination in recent years. A decade of study led to a national…

A church pastor, his choirmaster and a graphic artist collaborate in producing a five-part cantata, "Resurrection and Redemption," and three accompanying paintings. The pastor joins biblical and theoretical reflection with the join creative activity.…

Digitized copy of D.Min. major project by Patricia Ann Southerland McAllister. 97 pages.

Digital version of a D.Min. major project by Louis E. Kuykendall, Jr. 183 pages.

Digitized copy of dissertation submitted to the faculty in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Ministry. 3 electronic PDF documents. 40 pages, 40 pages, 41 pages.

A dissertation submitted to the Faculty in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Ministry. Anabel Proffitt, advisor. Electronic PDF document. 138 pages.

DMin dissertation by Delia M. Fahnestock, May 2008. Electronic PDF document. 121 pages.
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