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Item 330394076.mp4 What Makes LTS Unique?
Item 2015-12-02_Kostis_Kourelis.mp4 Medieval Modern: Church Architecture for the Present
Item Miller.mp4 Mercersburg Theology
Item 536201115.mp4 A Church for the 21st Century
Item 331479265.mp4 Ministry in the Margins
Item 2010-11-11_Knox_Harry.mp4 A Spirit-Filled Movement for LGBT Equality
Item Christianity and Immigration
Item 2010-02-25_Yvette_Flunder.mp4 Equal Abundance: A Womanist Theology of the Marketplace
Item 300867423.mp4 Five Essential Principles for Effective Church Leadership
Item 2009-05-15_Harold_Carter_Jr.mp4 2009 Alumni/ae Day Worship Service