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Lancaster Theological Seminary Photos


Photos of the seminary and from seminary events.


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Lancaster Theological Seminary

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Graduating Class of 2005
Color photograph of the graduating class of 2005 standing on the steps of Lark Academic Building. TIFF digital image

Graduating Class of 1995
Color photo of the graduating class of 1995 standing on the lawn in front of Lark Academic Building. Note on back of photo reads: "PCC LTS grads May '95". TIFF digital image.

1990 Commncement photographs and class list
Color photo of graduating class of 1990 standing on the front steps of Lark Academic Building. TIFF digital image.

Graduating Class of 1985
12 digital copies photographs of the 1985 Commencement. TIFF digital images.

Lancaster Theological Seminary 1980 Commencement
8 digital copies of black and white photos of faculty and graduating class of 1980. TIFF digital image.

Head shots of Robert V. Moss
Black and white photographs of Robert V. Moss, professor of New Testament (1951-1969) and President (1957-1969). 2 TIFF digital images.

Robert V. Moss Dedicates New Campus Apartments
Black and white photo of President Robert V. Moss dedicating the new campus apartment buildings, 1960. TIFF digital image

Photo of Raymond W. Albright
Black and white photograph of Raymond W. Albright, class of 1924, whose collection of rare books is now housed at Schaff Library. TIFF digital image.

Photo of Bill Rader with Conrad Cherry
Black and white photograph of Bill Rader, student, and Conrad Cherry, exchange student from Howard University, taken on the Appalachian Trail in 1953. JPG digital image.

Dean Dunn with Per Haugland and Charles Thomas.
Black and white photograph of Dean David Dunn with Per Haugland from Norway and Charles Thomas from Lincoln. Taken in the Dean's office. JPG digital image.
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