19th Century Pennsylvania Imprints


19th Century Pennsylvania Imprints


Digitized versions of pamphlets and books printed in Pennsylvania during the 19th century from the Lancaster Theological Seminary Library's collections.


Lancaster Theological Seminary Library

Collection Items

Dr. Jablanski's [i.e. Jablonski's] vorteffliche Reden über die letzten Worte Salomon's im 12ten Kapitel seines Predigers
Digitized copy of book. 3 electronic PDF documents. Each file contains 42 pages.

Ein Paar Worte ueber die Methodisten: in einem Briefwechsel zwischen swei Freunden
Digitized copy of pamphlet. Electronic PDF document. 14 pages.

A Lecture on Capital Punishment. Delivered in the First Universalist Church, Philadelphia, on the evening of June 20, 1830
Digital copy of pamphlet dated June 20, 1830. Electronic PDF document. 24 pages.

Anreden: gehalten bei der Einsetzung des Ehrw. J. W. Nevin, D.D. als Professor der Theologie in dem Theologischen Seminar der Deutsch-Reformirten Kirche
Digitized copy of John Williamson Nevin's inaugural address for the Theological Seminary of the German Reformed Church in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania dated May 20, 1840. 32 pages.

Relation of Religion to Science: An Address
Digitized copy of an address delivered before the Alumni association of Marshall college, September 27th, 1842. 14 pages.

Genuine Radicalism: An Address Before the Geothean and Diagnothian Societies of Marshall College, Pa.
A digitized copy of an address delivered at Marshall College, Pa. September 26, 1843. 23 pages.

Catalogue and Circular of the Strasburg Academy
Digitized copy of a pamphlet that includes an address to the "Gamma Theta Society" by Rev. H. Harbaugh. The title of the address is "The Trials and Triumphs of Genius." 30 pages.

Eulogy on the Life and Character of Frederick A. Rauch
Digitized eulogy delivered before the Goethean Literary Society dated March 31, 1841. 25 pages.
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