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Digitized Commencement Address from July 11, 1850. PDF file. 13 pages.

Digitized copy of a pamphlet. Electronic PDF document. 15 pages.

Digitized copy of pamphlet. Electronic PDF Document. 42 pages.

Digitized copy of a pamphlet containing three articles by John Nevin on the dangers of fairs. Electronic PDF document. 16 pages.

Digital copy of report prepared by John Williamson Nevin. Electronic PDF document. 37 pages.

Digitized copy of print pamphlet. Electronic PDF document. 89 pages.

Digitized copy of book. Electronic PDF document. 28 pages.

Digitized private correspondence from June 2, 1868 to August 26, 1881. 8 electronic PDF documents. Document 1: 61 pages. Document 2: 59 pages. Document 3: 58 pages. Document 4: 53 pages. Document 5: 50 pages. Document 6: 47 pages. Document 7: 47…

Selected pages only. Electronic PDF document. 23 pages.

ERHS Bready Fathers Intro.pdf
While the first six regularly published volumes of Fathers of the German Reformed Church have been digitized and are thus widely available to the public, volumes 7-12
and the comprehensive index to all twelve volumes were never published and only…
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