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Digitized copy of a photocopy of the 1961 Certification of the name change of the Seminary from The Lancaster Theological Seminary of the Evangelical and Reformed Church to The Lancaster Theological Seminary of the United Church of Christ.

1988 grad.tiff
1 Black and white photograph .tiff 1 pdf class list

1989 color grds.tiff
1 Color photograph, 2 black and white photographs and 1 pdf.

A digitized copy of a black and white photograph and a PDF listing of the members of the class of 1901. 1 Tiff, 1 PDF

A digitized copy of a drama written for the the Seminary. 2 PDF documents, text of the drama and the program used at the production.

A digitized copy of the 1990 Register of the Lancaster Theological Seminary. 1 PDF. 131 pages

A digitized copy of document published in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Seminary. 1 document of 54 pages divided into 4 PDFs.

Digitized copy of an advertising brochure. 1 PDF 3 pages.

A digitized copy of a document listing members of the 1905 Class and members of the Faculty. 1 pdf file.

A digitized copy of brochure describing scultures in Santee Chapel. 1 pdf, 2 pages
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