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Digitized copy of September 1979 issue; periodical publication of Lancaster Theological Seminary. Electronic PDF document. 50 pages.

Digitized copy of October 1938 issue; periodical publication of the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in the United States. Electronic PDF document. 32 pages.

Digitized copy of pamphlet. Electronic PDF document. 14 pages.

LGBTQAI week lecture by Thelathia Young, November 4, 2011. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 55 minutes.

Sermon based on Matthew 3:13-17 by Lancaster Theological Seminary MDiv student Yost delivered in Santee Chapel on January 14, 2023. Digital video recording (mp4). Duration: 12 minutes, 20 seconds.

Grappling with Grace by WCY.pdf
Digitized copy of a D.Min. major project by Wendell C. Yorkman. 82 pages.

Harwick Lecture by Mark Yaconelli delivered Saturday, April 15, 2011. 2 digital audio recordings (mp3). Lecture duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes, 20 seconds. Q&A duration: 13 minutes, 13 seconds.

2020-01-17 Wubah Spring Convocation-edited.mp3
The address delivered at Lancaster Theological Seminary on the occasion of its spring convocation by Dr. Daniel A. Wubah, President of Millersville University, delivered in Santee Chapel on January 17, 2020. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration:…

Public lecture by Jeremiah Wright, First Reformed Church, Lancaster, PA, 7:00 p.m., February 7, 2013. Digital video recording (mp4). Duration: 1 hour, 26 minutes.

African American Heritage Celebration Lecture by Jeremiah Wright, Santee Chapel, 3:00 p.m., February 7, 2013. References Dwight N. Hopkins' work: Another World is Possible: Spiritualities and Religions of Global Darker Peoples. Digital video…
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