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Item How'd They Do That--HD.mp4 How'd They Do That?
Item 2015-06-05_LTS_promotional_video.mp4 2015 Promotional Video
Item Meet Celestine Brooks MDiv 2013-HD.mp4 Meet Celestine Brooks
Item Meet Thomas Coates MDiv 2013-HD.mp4 Meet Thomas Coates
Item Meet Rev. Dr. Susan Minasian MDiv 1986 & DMin 2013-HD.mp4 Meet Rev. Dr. Susan Minasian
Item Meet Dorcas Kumba Kamanda MDiv 2014-HD.mp4 Meet Dorcas Kumba Kamanda
Item mqdefault.jpg Untitled Sermon on Matthew 16:21-28
Item 2015-09-11_David_Mellott.mp4 Resurrecting Seminary for the Life of the World
Item 335584958.mp4 Amy Carlson on Lancaster Theological Seminary
Item Meet Sage Olnick MDiv 2013-HD.mp4 Meet Sage Olnick