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The Story of Smyrna Medical Mission in Connection with the Church of Scotland
Digitized copy of pamphlet. Electronic PDF document. 29 pages.

Allgemeine Geschichte der Philosophie zum Gebrauch akademischer Vorlesungen
Digitized copy of book on the general history of philosophy for the use of academic lectures. 3 electronic PDF documents. 61 pages, 62 pages, and 61 pages.

Beytrag zu der Pastoral-Theologie oder Regeln und Muster für angehehende Geistliche zu einer heilsamen Führung ihres Amtes
Digitized copy of book. 5 electronic PDF documents. Parts 1-4: 44 pages each; part 5: 45 pages.

Fathers of the Reformed Church
While the first six regularly published volumes of Fathers of the German Reformed Church have been digitized and are thus widely available to the public, volumes 7-12
and the comprehensive index to all twelve volumes were never published and only…

A Liturgy, or, Order of Christian Worship
Selected pages only. Electronic PDF document. 23 pages.

Letter Book
Digitized private correspondence from June 2, 1868 to August 26, 1881. 8 electronic PDF documents. Document 1: 61 pages. Document 2: 59 pages. Document 3: 58 pages. Document 4: 53 pages. Document 5: 50 pages. Document 6: 47 pages. Document 7: 47…

Kurzer Entwurf der christlichen Lehre: in Fragen und Antworten. Zum Unterricht der Jugend
Digitized copy of book. Electronic PDF document. 28 pages.

Kurze Erklärung des Briefes an die Römer
Digitized copy of print pamphlet. Electronic PDF document. 89 pages.
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