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Keynote lecture by Donna Allen from 2007 African American Heritage Week at LTS, September 4, 2007. The lecture reflects on a recent publication by Horace L. Griffin, Their Own Receive Them Not: African American lesbians & gays in Black churches.…

Gregory Lecture by Carmelo Alvarez, February 22, 2001. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 29 minutes.

Lecture delivered by Dale Andrews in Santee Chapel, Lancaster Theological Seminary, Thursday, February 26, 2009. Digital video recording (mp4). Duration: 59 minutes.

Master class by Katie Cannon from the 2011 African American Heritage Week at LTS, held in Hafer Center, 23 February 2011. Digital video recording (mp4). Duration: 52 minutes, 29 seconds.

Keynote lecture from African American Heritage Week at LTS by Katie Cannon, February 24, 2011. Digital video (mp4); digital audio recording (mp3) also available. Duration: 25 minutes, 27 seconds.
Swander Lecture by Dr. J. Kameron Carter delivered in Santee Chapel on 4 December 2014. Dr. J. Kameron Carter is Associate Professor of Theology & Black Church Studies at Duke University Divinity School. He is speaking about issues of race, justice…

LGBT Week Lecture in Santee Chapel by Mandy Carter, Thursday, November 15, 2012. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 56 minutes.


Swander Lecture by Ronald Cole-Turner, April 10, 2008. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes.

Conrad & Convocation lecture by Fred Craddock, April 18, 1990. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

Disabilities Awareness Week lecture by Deborah B. Creamer, recorded April 16, 2015. Dr. Deborah B. Creamer, is Director of Accreditation and Institutional Evaluation at the Association for Theological Schools in the US and Canada. She is the author…
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