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Gregory Lecture by John A. Lapp, February 6, 1995. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 31 minutes.

Gregory Lecture by Jay McDaniel, February 12, 2009. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 49 minutes, 28 seconds.

Gregory Lecture by David Y. Hirano, February 6, 1996. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 56 minutes.

Gregory Lecture by Michael Gilligan delivered in Santee Chapel, 10 February 2011. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 59 minutes.

Gregory Lecture by Lerone A. Martin, delivered in Santee Chapel, 2 February 2012. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 34 minutes.

Gregory Lecture by Jeffrey Mensendiek, delivered in the Santee Chapel, April 4, 2013. Digital audio recordings (mp3) with PDF files of notes and photos. Introduction and Q&A available as separate sound files. Duration: 56 minutes, 33 seconds.

According to Joshua Love, AIDS challenges the very limits of human compassion and endurance. From its debut as a misunderstood killer of people on the margins to its modern incarnation as a destructive catalyst of change for millions of lives, AIDS…

Gregory Lecture by Carmelo Alvarez, February 22, 2001. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 29 minutes.
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