19th Century Pennsylvania Imprints


19th Century Pennsylvania Imprints


Digitized versions of pamphlets and books printed in Pennsylvania during the 19th century from the Lancaster Theological Seminary Library's collections.


Lancaster Theological Seminary Library

Items in the 19th Century Pennsylvania Imprints Collection

Dr. Jablanski's [i.e. Jablonski's] vorteffliche Reden über die letzten Worte Salomon's im 12ten Kapitel seines Predigers
Digitized copy of book. 3 electronic PDF documents. Each file contains 42 pages.

Ein Paar Worte ueber die Methodisten: in einem Briefwechsel zwischen swei Freunden
Digitized copy of pamphlet. Electronic PDF document. 14 pages.

A Lecture on Capital Punishment. Delivered in the First Universalist Church, Philadelphia, on the evening of June 20, 1830
Digital copy of pamphlet dated June 20, 1830. Electronic PDF document. 24 pages.

Fancy Fairs
Digital Copy of a pamphlet containing three articles by John Nevin on the dangers of fairs. 16 pages.

The sin against the Holy Ghost : explained agreeably to the Holy Scriptures
Digitized copy of pamphlet. 1 electronic document PDF. 42 pages.