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Spring 2019 convocation address by Lancaster City Mayor Danene Sorace, delivered in Santee Chapel on January 11, 2019. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 14 minutes, 30 seconds.
A lecture on fundraising for ministry by Lee C. Barrett, delivered at Lancaster Theological Seminary on April 6, 2018. Part of the Managing Student Debt for Vitality program.

Digitized copy of booklet by Bruce G. Epperly. 53 pages.

Digital version of a D.Min. major project by Louis E. Kuykendall, Jr. 183 pages.

Digitized copy of a D.Min major project by Ruth E. Shaver. 229 pages.

Digitized copy of a D.Min. major project by Douglas M. Carpenter. 97 pages.

Digitized copy of a D.Min. major project by Ronald Bell, Jr. 98 pages.

Digitized copy of D.Min. major project by Patricia Ann Southerland McAllister. 97 pages.

Hannah Bingman-Forshey interviews Dr. Greg Carey, professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary, about his recent publication Apocalyptic Literature in the New Testament published by Abingdon Press. Digital MP4 video recording.…

Digitized copy of June 1983 issue; periodical publication of Lancaster Theological Seminary. Electronic PDF document. 8 pages.
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