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2015-2016 Academic Lecture Series


The collection of video and audio recordings from the 2015-2016 academic lecture series at Lancaster Theological Seminary.

Bulletin: Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in the United States, 1930-1943


The complete collection of digitized issues of the periodical published by the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in the United States between 1930 and 1943.

The Legacy of Philip Schaff on Race, Culture, and Slavery: Blessing or Bane?

Dr. Lee Barrett's lectures and Q&A sessions on Philip Schaff, delivered on August 16 and 17, 2019, sponsored by the Community Task Force.

The New Mercersburg Review


Collection of digitial copies of the New Mercersburg Review, the journal of the Mercersburg Society.

The Weekly Messenger


Selected issues of The Weekly Messenger, a weekly newspaper published by the Board of Missions of the German Reformed Church from 1838 to 1848.