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GLBT Lecture by Harry Knox in Santee Chapel, Thursday, November 11, 2010. Digital video recording (mp4). Duration: 34 minutes, 33 seconds.

Student Sermon by David Glasgow from 2002 GLBT Week at LTS, November 19, 2002. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 17 minutes.

Digitized copy of the 1980 addendum to Lancaster Theological Seminary's Masters Studies Handbook 1979-80. Electronic PDF document. 40 pages.

Digitized copy of a dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Lancaster Theological Seminary in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Ministry. This project compares the adult-based
youth ministry paradigm with the youth-based youth ministry…

Aerial views of Lancaster Theological Seminary's campus plus interior footage from the Seminary's Santee Chapel and Dietz Refectory, captured November 2016. Digital video recording (mp4). Duration: 1 minute, 30 seconds.

Lecture by Martin Marty, April 3, 1997. Digital audio recording (mp3). Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes.

Digitized copy of book on the general history of philosophy for the use of academic lectures. 3 electronic PDF documents. 61 pages, 62 pages, and 61 pages.

Promotional video for Lancaster Theological Seminary created in February 2015. Master of Divinity student Amy Carlson, class of 2015, describes her experiences at Lancaster Theological Seminary and the hallmarks of the Lancaster education. Digital…

Hannah Bingman-Forshey interviews Dr. Greg Carey, professor of New Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary, about his recent publication Apocalyptic Literature in the New Testament published by Abingdon Press. Digital MP4 video recording.…

Hannah Bingman interviews Dr. Julia O'Brien, professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Lancaster Theological Seminary, about her recent publication "Micah" in the Wisdom Commentary series published by Liturgical Press. Digital MP4 video recording.…
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